An Analysis Of Erica Goldson's Here I Stand

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In the speech, “Here I Stand” by Erica Goldson, she confronts the U.S schooling system. The valedictorian starts off with a small story which is about how you shouldn’t focus on one goal but should have many goals. She then goes into how she is an amazing student and never misses an assignment, but even she is scared for life outside of school, because all she did was excell at every subject for the purpose of excelling not for the purpose of learning. She then gives some quotes and ideas that support the same idea she is trying to tell all of us. Then Goldson relates to her life, and talks about a avant-grade teacher that tries to inspire her rather than just train them for the jobs that are already set in life. She then learns how passion should be our motivation, not money, and how we need to use our minds for innovation not memorization. Lastly, Erica clarifies that she's …show more content…

Erica Goldson is trying to tell the reader/listener that it’s not like that, kids want to learn, they want to use this logic, but we’re not teaching it the right way and how it’s time for a change. We need to let the kids unchain themselves from the cave and go see the light, the system needs to be designed so that they can continue to use what they learned, becauses she’s trying to say that even though we think they’re out of the cave, we’re actually still holding them back from their full potential. Lastly she shows us we should give them a schooling system where we can help them go into detail with them with the information not so much help them memorize the text, even if they have to be forced out of the cave by being dragged out and facing the light we need that to stay in their minds, not so that they forget that they ever even left the

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