An Analysis of Annette Sanford's 'Nobody Listens When I Talk'

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An Analysis of Annette Sanford’s “Nobody Listens When I Talk”

Annette Sanford’s “Nobody Listens When I Talk” depicts a story of how a sixteen-year-old girl named Marilyn spends her summer. Marilyn sits on a swing all summer long, reading books and reminiscing about significant events from her past and present, as she attempts to figure out who she is as a person. From her understanding of what others think of her, she is an introverted and ambivalent person who is indifferent to the outside world. She doesn’t speak much, though she is adamant that she could if she wanted, because she believes that no one would listen to her even if she did. So instead, Marilyn lives in her head, attempting to discover who she is through her …show more content…

. . glad to be sad. You are a riddle with hundreds of answers, a song with a thousand tunes.” In her mind, by not acknowledging her true self, she can be anyone and can do anything. However, this feeling of omnipotence is also her very downfall. She is presented with all these alternatives to become who she wants to be, but having these options appear to confuse her even more. Sadly, Marilyn fails to establish an identity or commit to a set of beliefs, and

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