An Approach of Designing an Exoskeleton Arm

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An approach of designing exoskeleton arm is synthesized by all dynamic forces and stress of arm .A musculoskeletal arm model is built to simulate the injury symptom in terms of evaluating the muscle activations, by using related commercial design software and also specific biomechanics software is used for analyzing the exoskeleton . A stimulation platform is created by synthesizing a biomechanical model of human body and the exoskeleton which allows and evaluates the functioning and effects of two models. Results of design analysis and optimization are included
INTRODUCTION: An exoskeleton suit is designed to grant support, aid and defense for the human body. Starting from these main functions researchers create robotic suits by combining several technologies for military use to help soldiers with a bit of super-human strength, medical exosuits are the one which augments the human strength and speed ,and exoskeleton suits that offer hope for paralyzed persons. This is achieved by providing feedback to the various joints of the upper limb which include the wrist, elbow and shoulder. When in use, the device itself may be grounded, in which case it limits the human mobility. Exoskeletons can be categorized into two major groups, passive and active exoskeletons. Several passive exoskeleton robots have been developed recently. The first true exoskeleton in the sense of being a mobile machine integrated with human movements was co-developed by General Electric of United

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