An Article On The Iphone 6s And 6s Plus

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With the recent release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, I have been looking at my iPhone 5s like it’s time to upgrade to the newest model. I found this assignment to be super helpful, because I would be researching the new iPhone and I was going to do that anyway. I searched on the National Newspaper Core website and read an article from the Wall Street Journal. This article was a summary that discussed the main issues with the previous iPhone, and the improvements to solve those problems. The second article I read, was an article from TechRadar and it was the complete opposite of the Wall Street Journal Article. This article was 10 pages long and discussed all specifications of the new phones in great detail and length. It was interesting because the first article had a very friendly tone even though it was discussing some unresolved issues with the phone. But, it still made me think purchasing the phone was a good decision. Whereas, the TechRadar article had a much different tone, which made it seem like the phone did not live up to the elevated price and may not be a good investment.
The Wall Street Journal article was titled “iPhone 6s Review: A Slightly Better iPhone 6; the iPhone 6s addresses most of our smartphone complaints, but not the biggest--better battery”. The title alone shows support of the device and that it is improved from the previous models. In this article, the author addresses two of the major issues with the previous model, (IPhone 6), which
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