An Automated External Defribillator (AED)

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An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a tool that saves lives on a constant basis. This device is used to send an electrical charge to stabilize the heart into pumping normally. This device is normally found in EMT kits, hospitals, many public buildings. The AED is an easy tool to use that provides instructions on how effectively use one without damaging the patient.
They way an AED is used by placing two pads on the body in the locations that allow the a charge to successfully pass through the heart. The placement is very important because if placed too closely the charge may not pass through the heart. If placed incorrectly the charge might damage other organs. Often times, an instructional manual is provided within the device which displays proper placement on the body. Placement varies according to body size and age, children require a different placement than adults.
The AED is important because it has been designed to give the right amount of voltage so that it does not damage the heart through use. They are portable devices that make storage and access easier, and the setup is stream lined to allow ease of use for the operator. The battery that is encased allows for reliability and long storage life. Many of the tools in the AED kit are made purposely for a non-medical person to stabilize a patient until medically trained help arrives.
The AED is a powerful tool that saves lives everyday. They provide effect treatment in situations that, at one point, were

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