An Automotive Giant, Toyota was Founded by Kiichiro in Japan Essay

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Is founded by Kiichiro Toyoda, a Japanese business man in 1937. Today it is in third positioned in automotive company in the current market. There are several competitors of Toyota today like General Motors and Ford in the United States, Honda in Japan. Toyota has long been recognized as an industry leader in manufacturing and production. Toyota is using the regional approach to deliver its products in global market. They are offering the products to continental regions with similar economies and culture. It is offering the same products to countries within Europe or Asia, as the economy in those countries included in regions may be similar or really close such as the consumers cultural and their behavior . Toyota …show more content…

There was very weak presence in Europe and emerging markets. Toyota’s has adopted the philosophy to identify defect when they occur and automatically stop production so that the problem can be fixed before the defect continues. These days Toyota has been focusing on increase supply of low C02 ( fuel efficient vehicles ), improve profitability through cost reduction , expand operations in resources in rich countries and emerging markets . It has been focusing on product quality control, continuous learning and improvement on manufacturing system for efficiency. It also has been reinforcing Toyota brand image to restore reputation and build brand loyalty to increase value of Toyota. Toyota obtain very good strategy by contributing to the public relations. For example, contributed to the Tsunami victims, it observes earth day by supporting local schools .It has also been offering the low interest financing. This technique is for short period and is mainly used in festive seasons. The company stretches loans over longer periods and thus lowers the monthly payments. Today, Toyota has become the largest car maker in the world leading General Motors and top selling Auto Makers. The reason behind their success is being sharp and well thought and effectively implemented strategies. It has the source of strong competitive advantages in

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