An Effective Mentor For Entrepreneurship Development Programs

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Literature Review Veesam Chandra Reddy (2016), Who Can Be an Effective Mentor For Entrepreneurship Development Programs? Many initiatives like ‘Start-up India-Stand up India’, ‘Make in India’, ‘National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship’, ‘Digital India’ are being undertaken by the Government of India to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the nation. Many educational and other institutes are designing and providing entrepreneurship development programs to cultivate entrepreneurship culture in students and individuals. But many of these programs do not understand the basic differences between entrepreneurship education and a typical business education. As an effect of this, many of the programs are failing to showcase the …show more content…

Alan (2016) Nations built on innovation, entrepreneurship, and production are able to dominate the world economy. However, risk taking has traditionally been discouraged in developing nations. The uncertainty and financial insecurity associated with entrepreneurial activities are the greatest barriers that budding entrepreneurs need to overcome in order to transition into successful entrepreneurs. This challenge needs substantial effort and steady support from society. Easy access to information, mentorship, and a network of venture capitalists and angel investors also play critical roles in promoting entrepreneurial activities. Research-inspired entrepreneurial initiatives are expected to play a key role in facilitating India’s economic growth in the coming years. Shrotryia Vijay Kumar, (2016) Start-up India action plan: provisions and prospects, The Action Plan is having detailed scheme of things and addresses the issues relating to obstacles which generally entrepreneurs have been facing. The bureaucratic hassles, problems in raising finances, and availability of networks to reach out to the customers have affected the conversion of idea into reality for many new starters. The fight between big and small, old and new has also been one of the deterrents to start a new

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