An Everlasting Friendship: Analysis of the Film Toy Story 3 Essay

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An Everlasting Friendship This Toy Story 3 film starts off with Andy getting ready to go off to college. He is now seventeen years old. It is now time for Andy to make a decision on what he is going to do with the toys. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. and Mrs. Potatoe head and Jessie are all part of the toy collection that Andy needs to make a decision about. The toys hear Andy’s mom telling him that he needs to make a decision about what he is going to do with the toys. Will Andy give the toys away to the Sunnyside Daycare Center or will he store them in the attic? This question leaves the toys questioning their future. Andy decides to have the toys, except for Woody, put in the attic. Andy will take Woody with which leaves the rest of the…show more content…
It also brings to life how important friendship is. From a psychological stand friendship is an important part of our lives. Sociologically we need close friends to make it through the toughest of times. Just like in the previous versions of the Toy Story movies Andy really loves and cherishes his toys, he really considers them friends. Woody and Buzz Lightyear are Andy’s favorite two. Andy has to choose what he wants to do with the old toys. As one knows it is sociably unacceptably for a seventeen year old boy to take the toys that his cherished as a young boy off to college. In society we have to learn to deal with change. We have to learn to adapt sociably to our surroundings. Even though these are toys, they show how being together for such a long time you build up a supportive and committed friendship.
It is very clear how Marxism plays a strong part in this film. Lotso is on the oldest toys there. He is one of the oldest and biggest toys there so he runs everything. He puts the viewer in mind of someone that’s old and in control. He made it to the daycare because he was lost by his previous owner and then replaced; so he is very bitter. Lotso seems to be the dictator of the entire daycare center. Big Baby is one of the Lotso’s main accomplices. The new toys are tricked into believing that the Sunnyside Daycare Center would be some sort of paradise. They are tricked by the old toy called Lotso.
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