An Experiential Marketing Case Study of Sony

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This paper is attempted to study Sony Corporation as a live brand in terms of experiential marketing concept. It contents true experience and observation of mine from an opening exhibition of Sony Corporation (see appendix 1) to be formed the primary sources of data. As an observer of the exhibition, I will use my own experience from it to combinative with experiential marketing concept theories to indicate the factors within Sony’s experiential marketing performance. This report will comprise a general idea of what experiential marketing is, and how it affects by inter-dependencies within the market and economic theories.

Experiential marketing of Sony Corporation
Sony was founded its brand 64 year ago, it creates
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al, 1999). Based on those foundations, Sony’s experiential exhibition gives a clear market strategic is to acquire customers and promoted sales by let customer experienced it and makes believe on it. It can be analysed as below:

Analysis Sony’s experiential marketing based on SEMs modules
Schmitt (1999) developed “five different types of experiences, or strategic experiential modules (SEMs)” to indicate customer’s need from Sense, Feel, Think, Act and Relate to achieved marketing objectives. It breaks traditional thinking of a rational customer, and bring new concept of experiential marketing in live brand experiences. It helps to identified Sony’s experiential marketing strategy, which were applicable to this report context and analysed for study based on those.

1. Sense Module
The Sense module or namely ‘Sense’ marketing is appeals to created sensory experiences for customer through sight, sound, touch, taste and even smell (Schmitt, 1999). Sony’s target audience is youth consumers with demand for high tech products. Those people pursuit the unique simple lifestyle whom focus on enjoy the entertainment life by convenient utilize of high quality electronic equipment. As the result, when Sony design their exhibition rooms, they put three sections in their ‘a marketing platform’. The first place
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