An Experimental Investigation At A Chemical Reaction

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In order for this experimental investigation to be conducted successfully with maximum efficiency, chemical theories must be accurately applied. For this investigation, various concepts and theories will be discussed and applied to the two methods- gravimetric and colourimetric- of analysing the precipitate and solution created. One specific variable will be chosen to be manipulated in order to study and analyse. From this, the most effective and accurate method of analysis of percentage yield will be discerned.

Stoichiometry is the study of the relationship between relative amounts of substances and solutions required to be involved in a chemical reaction(Ash et al., 1996). It is used in order to determine quantitative data-information that can be classified through numbers: quantities- of the products formed(, 2015), through the use of various calculations and formulae(Smith, 2000). Stoichiometry has significant importance in the functioning of society; particularly in areas such as pharmaceutical and vaccine development, forensic science as well as food science and preservation. It is an essential study in industries in which chemicals are frequently manufactured(Ash et al., 1996).

The calculation of theoretical yield is required for this investigation. Theoretical yield is the amount of product synthesised from a successfully completed chemical reaction. It is calculated from the stoichiometry of the initial reaction, and thus

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