An Open System Of Energy

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Due to modern innovations such as globalism, radio, computers, the internet et cetera, most countries across the world have faced a dramatic increase in consumption. As these countries experience, exponential population growth, the enormous demand for Energy consumption, and unprecedented global economic growth, the increase requires that most modern countries face hardly surprising. However, these requirements lead to most countries facing the issue of sustainability.
In the 1987 Bruntland report, researchers defined sustainability as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” (Our Common Future 1987). This definition receives some criticism by scientists
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Some examples of social sustainability include empowering marginalized groups and ensuring high rates of social mobility in all communities. Economic sustainability consists of maintaining a healthy and stable economy to ensure prosperity for future generations. As economic issues tend to marginalized members of society, Economic and social sustainability tend to overlap with each other regarding initiatives. For practices that promote social sustainability include advocating and promoting policy change in which benefits the people, contributing to the lives of others, and investing in social capital that improves the lives of other individuals. As economic factors can lead to social issues in society, such as fair wages and income inequality, social and economic sustainability tend to overlap. Environmental Sustainability is defined responsibility using natural resources in a responsible way to ensure that immediate demands do not affect future generations. Examples of environmental sustainability include using renewable resources vs. nonrenewable, using resources that create the least amount of waste possible while maximizing energy output. Such as global warming, depletion of the ozone layer and reductions in biodiversity threatened sustainability
Due to increasing economic constraints, nuclear power is a solution to sustainability without a drastic change in society. Although
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