An Reflection Of Advanced Perioperative Practice

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For this reflection of advanced perioperative practice I will be using a case study approach, I will also be using the Gibbs’ reflective cycle. (1988). Gibbs’ reflective cycle (1988) is a model of reflection that I feel allows me to achieve the depth of reflection that is required, I also feel that this model helps me to break the scenario that I have chose to reflect on into manageable sections. This model includes 6 stages of reflection which include description, feelings, evaluation, analysis ,conclusion, action plan. (University of Cumbria, 2015). In order to adhere to the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) standards of conduct, performance and ethics (2008) all personal details of the patients have been altered or not disclosed in order to keep the patient 's identity confidential and safe, but also to keep the identity of the hospital in which the patient was treated confidential. The case that I have chosen to reflect on was a patient that was already staying on a ward within the hospital, the patient was rushed to the emergency theatre late at night from the ward with a suspected internal bleed, the cause and exact location of the bleed was unknown, the patient presented a complex case for the theatre staff as the patient 's condition was largely unpredictable along with the amount of blood loss that the patient could lose. My role within the theatre team was on the anaesthetic side, I was supported by my mentor who I feel I have learned a vast amount of
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