An Report On The Disclosure Of Intangible Assets And Research And Development Expenditure

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Executive summary Recently, importance of intangible assets for a reporting entity has been increasing continuously. This report will discuss intangible assets with indefinite or infinite useful life and research and development expenditure in SEEK Ltd annual report 2014. This report will state the background of SEEK Ltd and the increasing importance of intangible assets. Furthermore, the disclosure of intangible assets and research and development expenditure will be revealed. Moreover, this report will critically evaluate whether the disclosures SEEK has made are in accordance with requirements of intangible assets’ segment in AASB 138. Consequently, this report will summary the findings and states the basic recommendation. 1. Introduction 1.1 Background SEEK Ltd is a diverse group of companies with over 17 years of operation experience having a common purpose to assist those who cherish their dreams and help them looking for better working circumstance and experience as well as support organisations succeed. Furthermore, SEEK learning service offers jobseekers appropriate and trusted advices of jobs related to career and education. SEEK’s employment marketplaces are concentrated on not only contributing the matching within jobseekers and employment opportunities but also helping hirers find needed workers. There are over 3 million job opportunities available in the employment marketplaces. Moreover, SEEK have already helped over 55,000 students receive appropriate

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