Anaerobic Respiration Lab Report

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When a muscle exercises, it constantly contracts and relaxes, using energy in the form of ATP to do so. When intensive exercise is conducted (e.g. performing exercise at peak performance), there may be an insufficient amount of oxygen present in the muscles, resulting in the cells performing anaerobic respiration to produce energy. Anaerobic respiration produces much less energy than anaerobic respiration, though does so without the presence of oxygen. Performing anaerobic respiration results in the creation of a toxic substance in the muscles known as lactic acid. The build up of lactic acid in the muscles and the reduction in energy production are the main two causes of muscle fatigue.

Thus, if prior exercise is undertaken, …show more content…

The results gathered from the experiment demonstrated the predicted trend of the experiment. Overall the reliability of the results would be low, as the sample size only included a cumulative time of 2 and half minutes of exercise. A larger range would have benefited the reliability (e.g. continued exercise till muscle exhaustion) along with an increase in the amount of experiment participants. After comparing results with other groups, it is apparent that the validity of the trend is quite high, as the other groups has similar trends.

The resolution of the timer was reasonably high, as it went to two decimal places when timing, resulting in relatively accurate time keeping.

Experimental Procedure:
Overall, the experimental procedure was relatively strong, as the results gathered supported the predicted outcome. All of the variables that could be realistically controlled were and the resulted collected showed a consistent trend. This resulted in data that had a low scatter form the trend line. Overall the experimental procedure was quite strong, as it was easy to follow and execute, while also providing precise data and shows the relationship between prior exercise and the rate of muscle fatigue. Even though there were many strong aspects of the experiment, there were also some areas that could have been

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