The Effect Of Aerobic Capacity On University Students

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How anaerobic capacity influences aerobic capacity in university students as determined by differences in pulse rate before and after a step-up test


During physical activity, the body must produce energy for muscle contraction. There are two different methods that the body can use (Åstrand 1956), which are dependent on the availability of oxygen and the nature of the exercise (Yip 2010). Moderate intensity exercise uses aerobic respiration while high intensity exercise uses anaerobic respiration (Yip 2010). Aerobic respiration requires oxygen in order to provide energy; this method produces significantly more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) compared to anaerobic respiration and thus allows for longer lasting moderate …show more content…

Research strongly suggests that aerobic fitness can be improved via intense anaerobic activities (Bogdanis et al. 1995). Specifically, the VO2 max a person has can be improved by anaerobic exercise (Swain 2007), and this in turn improves their aerobic fitness due to the nature of aerobic respiration which uses oxygen. This report aims to explore if and how an individual’s anaerobic fitness level might influence their ability to carry out aerobic exercises, i.e. are people who are anaerobically fit also aerobically fit? Thus, in considering relevant literature, the alternative hypothesis of this experiment is that yes, if an individual is anaerobically fit, then they are also aerobically fit. The null hypothesis is that there will be no correlation between an individual’s anaerobic and aerobic fitness.

Participants were instructed to perform as many push-ups as they could, then after resting, their pulse rate was taken. Then they undertook a moderate step-up exercise for 4 minutes and their pulse rate was measured again. The maximum number of push-ups was recorded and these values were compared against the individuals’ change in pulse rate before and after the step-up exercise. Statistical significance was determined using a t-test.

This research could contribute to helping individuals in improving their fitness levels, especially if one is specifically looking to improve either aerobic or anaerobic fitness. It would

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