Analyse The Processes That Management May Use For Managing Human Resources

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Analyse the processes that management may use for managing human resources. Acquisition The internal environment- particularly the business goals and culture. The focus may be on cost containment, growth, downsizing, improved customer service or quality, or other internal goals. The influences the demand specific skills now and in the future and will define the types of staff who will be a good fit for the organisational culture. Before McDonalds recruit staff they draw up a job analysis pf each type of role they need to fill. This job analysis provided the basis of what they will look for in potential new staff they are interviewing. Recruitment, selection and placement Effective recruitment and employee selection involves: • Evaluating …show more content…

McDonalds has a non- discriminatory policy to give all potential employees a fair chance. McDonalds has each job role posted on their website so that potential employees know what work is expected. Development Development programs ensures that experienced staff are retain. Development programs allow employees to enhance motivation and commitment to the business over the longer term. Research shows that employees that are recognised are more motivated and satisfied at work these employees achieve higher levels of performance. Development focuses on enhancing the skills of the employee through: • Further professional learning • Mentoring or coaching • Performance appraisal and management to allow them to take advantage of opportunities to develop a career with the business A human resource manager establishes training and development programs, trains managers to implement them, and then evaluate the program to see if employee performance has changed Induction An induction program need to introduce the employee to the business. A well-prepared induction program: • Gives employees a positive attitude to the job and the business • Builds a new employees confidence in the job • Stresses the major safety policies and procedures, and explains their application • Helps

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