Analysis : Mastercard International, Visa Inc.

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Companies must have the resources and dedication to maintain their customer base while finding ways to increase it. Several investments should be considered to achieve this goal. Industry leaders such as MasterCard International, Visa Inc., and American Express are considered leaders in the payment sector. According to figures from 2014, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard made approximately $58 billion dollars combined [1]. What are some steps taken to achieve these results? MasterCard International has achieved this status by investing in analytical tools, mobile applications, and other wireless programs. This paper examines some of these standards set by MasterCard. The purpose of this study is to analyze existing standards and propose additional methods to increase revenue.

MasterCard managers are incentivized to increment the number of individuals who have and utilize a MasterCard credit card, the number of banks and other clients who issue MasterCards to customers and/or employees, and the number of locations that accept MasterCard [2]. Managers are able to offer a wide variety of products and accommodations to their clients to reach this goal. Furthermore, they have business agendas for commercial and public sector organizations of all sizes. Likewise, MasterCard partners with its clienteles create customized allegiance programs and reward solutions to provide incentives for cardholders to utilize MasterCard to make purchases. What is the approximate amount of
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