Film Analysis: A Place At The Table

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It is said that at least 50 million Americans in the United States exist without food. This figure is one that many Americans cannot seem to wrap their head around. How is it that the richest nation in the World has so many hungry citizens? In the movie “A Place at the Table,” food insecurity and eating habits in the United States, are the center point of the film. The film starts off with the stories of real people fighting against hunger and poverty in the United States. It gives the viewers a sense of how these Americans have to struggle day to day in order to feed their families and their selves, by giving us an insight on how they live their life. The film shows how they have to make rational decision on how they spend their money and on how they eat. What is meant by, “how they eat,” is that since they have limited funds they have to go for the cheaper items, which are processed foods. The striking film then goes on to give us the reasons as to why we have these problems and how to combat them. While watching the film, I was in pure disbelief. I could have never imagined that 50 million of my fellow Americans were struggling with hunger. But yet out of those 50 million not all of them are pure skin and bone like you would imagine. Some of those people are actually obese. Usually when talking about hunger and obesity, you think about these two contradicting one another. However, as the film showed that is not the case. As a matter of fact, hunger and obesity together

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