Analysis Of Boeing

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Distinctive competency and competitive analysis
Distinctive competencies are organization’s specific strengths which allow the company to differentiate its products from those products which are offered by rivals (Hill, et.all,2017, p.81). Boeing strength lies on customizing of aircraft and designing and proactively in meeting customer demands and needs. To compete in market Boeing developed action which covers enhancing in efficiency, quality, innovation and customer responsiveness. The development process deals with improving the speed of R&D. global sourcing of Boeing aims to achieve greater economies of scale. core competency of Boeing commercial aircraft is based on its product innovation strategy. Boeing is forecasting the market after
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government laws, regulations and policies can have significant impact on company. Boeing has deep relationship and agreement with U.S government. And European government’s regulations can be main driving force for the purchase of new aircraft in future. There may be high level of political intervention which can have impact on sales of aircraft. the situation of country’s economy is major factor that affects operation of Boeing. Economic factors such as; interest rate inflation rate and currency exchange rate, positively affect the purchasing power of potential customer. in addition, financial crisis and economic recession have forced people to reduce their spending on travel. this may lead reduction in aircraft order. similarly, fluctuation in fuel prices and higher security cost and insurance cost may positively impact on company. as a company is operating in multinational environment Boeing needs to consider social factor which may affect demand and sale of aircraft. likewise, changing needs and wants of consumer with increasing population. analyzing technological factor in the manufacturing of Boeing aircraft usage of more carbon composites and equipment (light weight material) will make aircraft more fuel efficiency and weight less which enable the aircraft to fly longer distance (Hill, et.all,2017, pp.C-52). using hi tech
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