Analysis Of ' F. E. D. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. E. A. R

Now, that your eyes have begun to open about the relationship. Fear now begins to shadow you. Especially with having no one to talk with, because of his manipulation tactics. Distancing yourself from all of your family and friends. Once again convincing yourself that he was the one. Giving him full control over your life, trying to please his every want and need. Not considering yourself, as long as he was giving you the attention that he felt you so desperately needed.

You were content with it. Thinking you were in love, and that’s all that mattered. However, it never crossed your mind about those ashes that you burned and buried when your last relationship ended. Convincing yourself that you 'll never again fall victim to another man 's sweet lies. Nonetheless, you annoyed that buried voice telling you,“it 's only lust”. As long as your needs are filled, you were willing to overlook that voice of reason once again.

As I stated earlier, you are a precious jewel, and must not settle for anything less than being treated like one. You have to let these men know if they can 't make love to you emotionally first. They won 't be making love to you physically. Your body are godly temples, and anyone that enter must be worthy... however, you cannot place the blame solely on the man. They can’t go any farther than you allow them to. You have to take responsibility for your own actions, and choices.

Women are…
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