Analysis Of Flatland, Irregulars, Oppressed And Killed

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Many factors influence character. As a person grows, their personality can either be innate or developed by their environment. Depending on the situation, one factor’s influence can outweigh the other. In Flatland, irregulars are oppressed and killed; they do not flourish in their environment. The generalization of the character of irregulars portray them in a bad light. Nurture has a greater influence on character development for irregulars since they live in a negative environment that restrain them from ever becoming productive members of their society. To begin with, nature is defined as the inherited characteristics that an individual has when born. The characteristics that are developed and influenced by the individual’s environment are defined as nurture. The debate of whether nature or nurture has greater influence on a person’s personality is a long-standing debate. A consensus can be reached. Nature and nurture both influence individuals, it is a subtle cooperation. Rather than the terminology being "nature versus nurture," it is nature "and" nurture. The amount of influence the factors give is not evenly distributed, rather it varies by person. A person could have a natural ability to play an instrument. This can only take them so far though, without practice they would never be able to improve/perfect their style. Nurture takes their ability to the next level.
The whole social system of Flatland is based on regularity. A figure 's sides should be equal and there

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