Analysis Of Frank Miller 's ' The Dark Knight Returns '

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A Hero’s Shadow The city of Gotham needs a hero- someone to protect its citizens and thwart evil-doers’ plans. In Frank Miller’s comic novel The Dark Knight Returns, a common theme of internal struggle saturates the underlying story behind the masked vigilante as he fights with the dark entity clinging to his soul. Perhaps the Joker is not the only enemy that Bruce Wayne has- are his good intentions hindered by the demon inside? Proceeding the brutal murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne’s shadow no longer holds the shape of a man but that of a monstrous creature. It is the ongoing battle between Bruce and Batman that contributes to a tantalizing story about crime fighting, justice, and finding one’s identity. Frank Miller alludes to Bruce’s mental warfare throughout his comic novel, giving the readers a glimpse of the internal dialogue between man and monster. It is important to realize how stark the differences between Batman and Bruce Wayne are and how this recognition gives the readers a chance to understand the complex character that Batman is. This tumultuous battle of custody over one body is a catalyst for the story while also bringing to light a man and his demon coexisting in the same vessel. While these differences are stark, it is crucial to note that Bruce Wayne is a special case because of the cohesion existing between himself and Batman, setting him apart from his nemeses. The dynamic duo has achieved unity between Bruce Wayne’s morals and humanity and

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