Analysis Of Husky Energy Inc.

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Husky Energy Inc. is a recognizable company to many Canadians. Most people just know it as “The Husky” and see it as just merely an oil company operated through North America. Although Husky Energy Inc. is centred in Alberta and Saskatchewan, it is a worldwide enterprise. “China, Greenland, and Libya” all have Husky Energy within their countries (Husky Energy Inc.). Now privately owned, the business value is at “28 billion as of October 2009” (Warnock, 1) and continues to growing exponentially. They are continuing expansion, becoming much more than a gas and oil supplier. They understand the changes are essential in being a successful corporation. A company facing as much competition as this energy company must conduct E-Scans to decipher…show more content…
It is used as an investable stock, where you can become a shareholder in the company and receive a dividend from Husky. That is their mission: “To maximize returns to shareholders in a socially responsible manner” (Warnock, 2). Their goal is to grow from continued increase in value from their shares without being fiscally negligent while doing so. They want people to pay for their company shares and this is there ‘carrot’ for doing so. They are on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) as HSE and are valued at $22.68 (11:21AM 10/15/15) but were peaked early in the year at nearly $30 per share (The Globe and Mail – Stock Quote). Husky Energy Inc. is a company that produces several different forms of energy but most specifically known for their crude oil work. They do work with natural gas and several different kinds of oil (Warnock, 1). They are well known for their gas and diesel sales as the “Husky” or “Husky Truck Stop” gas bars. They began as a small oil refinery back in 1938 out of Cody, Wyoming, U.S (History). Their growth began slowly, but 1970’s, they had grown nationally, were able to be sold on the stock market in North America, and exceeded 1 billion dollars in value (History). Natural gas is becoming a huge player in the Husky Energy Inc. plan as they have natural gas asset “Liwan” valued at 6.5 billion split at 49/51 with China’s CNOOC Ltd. (Catteneo). The relationship between CNOOC has been going on for many years thanks to their current owner. The value of the
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