Analysis Of Marshall Peterson 's Case Against The Grape Producers

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In regards to the claim argued by Marshall Peterson, there has been a breach of the contract by the grape producers that supply Muscadine grapes to the health food store owned by Marshall Peterson. As a result, Marshall Peterson filed a lawsuit against the grape producers. However, the grape producers proposed that the matter at hand be resolved through a mediation process that the church offers rather than initiating the court system to resolve the incident. Furthermore, Alexis Fairchild will mediate the proceedings that Marshall Peterson has agreed to utilize to settle the dispute with the grape producers.

Facts of the Case
Although the son of the grape producers was only 17 years of age, Marshall Peterson propositioned the son of the grape producers to sign the contract. In addition, Marshall Peterson failed to disclose the contents of the document to the son of the grape producer during a routine delivery of Muscadine grapes. However, Marshall Peterson understands this contract to be legally binding. Furthermore, Marshall Peterson has benefitted from superior sells due to the addition of Muscadine grapes in his health food store. As a matter of fact, the invoices received at each delivery state that all payments must be paid within a time frame of 30 days of delivery, however, the grape producers have graciously allowed Marshall Peterson to pay the balance as late as 60 days past delivery, with no penalties. As far as Marshall Peterson is concerned, the business…
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