Legal And Biblical Considerations On Continuing Business Relationships

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Contracts Analysis: Legal and Biblical Considerations in Continuing Business Relationships Although the main question of this paper is whether to continue a business relationship with Marshall, the issues involved in making both legal and biblically moral decisions surround whether entering into an output contract with the Texas company is a viable opportunity based on the current business relationship with Marshall. The ongoing trade of Muscadine grapes between Marshall’s health food products business and my family produce company has been mutually beneficial; however, the output contract with the Texas company would be a more advantageous investment decision at this time. At the same time, Marshall’s visible anger and insistence of our honoring a requirements contract, which was not legally authorized, has forced me to seek biblically-sound methods to legally dissolve this business relationship preferably through the use of some form of mediation or arbitration. Considering Possible Legal Action In choosing to discontinue supplying Muscadine grapes to Marshall’s health food products, several legal issues would need to be resolved. Marshall’s legal action would probably be formed as a breach of contract claim based on the requirements contract he faxed, as well as acting in good faith and fair dealing in accordance with contractual laws. Both of these issues would need to be resolved in order to legally discontinue acting as Marshall’s supplier. Since our trade
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