Analysis Of Neighbors By J. Cole

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Neighbors Do you believe is still happening in America? I think it is because America has just been hiding it. Jermaine Cole whom is known by his rap name as J. Cole agrees that racism is still alive. J. Cole is known as one of the most dominant African American in the hip hop industry. J. Cole uses his music to tell true life story that goes in this world. He also uses his knowledge to speak to his fans about the black community and how we as blacks get treated about police and other races. When Cole make music that relate to the black community and raps about goes on in the black community every day. One of the biggest ways Cole related to his black fans base is by creating his song “Neighbors” debuted off his album “4 Your Eyes Only”(2016). Cole is an influential rapper who is half black and half white, relates to his black fan base and shows the trauma that black men face daily. It is sad to say but in a white man’s society, if a black man takes one step forward society pushes him five steps back. Society is messed up, we need to stop being racist and uplift each other. This song explains J. Cole’s point of view of the world in a different perspective. Those perspectives were broken up into three point of view. The theme of this paper is the racial violence in America. The reason why I said racial violence is because we always see police raids and police shootings. This paper will focus police brutality, accused of being a drug dealer, integration in communities. In the

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