Analysis Of Night Flute Causes Grief For Love

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Night Flute Causes Longing For Love

As a content director, the movie “Night Flute Causes Longing For Love” is a sad story objected family drama genre. It takes place in the city of Seattle, a developed modern city in the United States. The project uncovers the daily life of the Vietnamese immigrants overseas who struggle with the miscommunications between generation gap and the modern Western ideas and the traditional Vietnamese concepts.

The story characterizes two old men, Three and Five, coincidentally meet again in Seattle when they immigrated for their own family reunion. Living in a big developed city, they have nostalgia for the days in home country where farming in a suburban faced harsh nature but lived cheerfully. They grew up in a small town of Vietnam, shared their entire childhood life together and also, fell in love with the same girl. Their commons and conflicts strangely bond them together like brothers. They meet each other in a heavy snow day on a street outside a nursing home. Three hitches a ride and Five is riding that car.

Three was born in a fortuneless family that he has to work his childhood as a traditional Vietnamese flutist for living, while Five was born rich and does not know a day working in his life. The suburban life is peaceful same as the love they have for Little, a flawless neighborhood girl who was without hostility. Flashback scenes of Little and Three were sitting on the river bank, Three was playing flute from his “Night Flute"

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