Analysis Of Noclue Consultants

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Analysis of NOCLUE Consultants Making a transition from a hierarchical organization to a self-directed team is not an easy task. NOCLUE has been operating with teams for 2 years and the structure has not been simple, nor easy. Proper planning preparation and education is vital to make motivated, self-directed work teams be successful. Identifying the problems, developing solutions and making recommendations are crucial the organization to perform at the highest level. NOCLUE held a meeting to discuss the issues that was plaguing the team’s dynamics. During the meeting there were three significant issues that was identified that was all teams all teams were experiencing that resulted in self-directed teams not performing at their highest …show more content…

Team leader lack provide guidance when responding to questions and resolving issues that can delay the team. As new requirement is vetted, team leaders needed ensure the information is understood by all members. Creativity is the process that will lead to innovation and values is what a team much exhibit for others to follow. It was identified by all leaders within the meeting that If the teams that were to be successful, they must emulated self directing characteristics. Those teams must followed team development models like the Tuckman model. As mention earlier, Tuckman’s stages for developing teams was the blueprint for building effective teams. Tuckman argued that these stages were necessary to building highly effective teams (LAW, 2007). The stages were “Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning”. (Tuckman, 65). In the forming stages where the team meets, the teams outline the goals and agree on team roles, rules a guideline for decision making. The next stage in the model was the storming stage, this is where conflict is met, and goals are established. Conflict will arise in this stage and the team leader must facilitate the discussion and ensure that there is a common understanding of agreements. Once the team has accepted the goals, roles and rules, the team starts the norming stage this is where they begin to work in a positive direction. The leader coaches and

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