Analysis Of Oryx And Crake By Margert Atwood Essay

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Various miscalculated results of crucial scientific experiments seem to have brought the world down to its knees in “Oryx and Crake” by Margert Atwood. Atwood clearly expresses her concern for evolving scientific experiments, especially those regarding cloning, synthetic reproduction, and the altering of genes. “Oryx and Crake” can be interpreted as a warning the readers about the dangers and consequences of the scientific modifications. Jimmy and Crake are living in a world where little is left for the imagination. Being constantly surrounded by science and mutations of animals at such a young age may have influenced their views of their future society and cultural norm. However, the scientific calculations resulted in consequences such as synthetic evolution, immortality, and disease. Throughout this novel, Atwood provokes her readers to think about the consequences of current trends in scientific research and how experimentation could ultimately lead to a dystopian apocalyptic future.
The pharmaceutical companies in “Oryx and Crake” began experimenting with synthetic evolution and genetic splicing. Jimmy’s father was a geneticist at a company in the compounds know as OrganInc who began to experiment on pigs that were going to be used for human organ harvesting. Eventually, the pigs were renamed pigoons. Atwood clearly explains the intentions of the experiments going on with the pigs:
The goal of the pigoon project was to grow an assortment of foolproof human-tissue organs

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