Analysis Of Pattern Language By Christopher Alexander

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An environment has components, contexts, and perspectives. When looking at society’s built environment, like the houses people live in, there are common themes many adhere to. Pattern Language, by Christopher Alexander, researches and diagrams “patterns” at different scales within the current environment in 1977. The book has had critics since 1977 and it is used as an architectural premise through different fields of design. Pattern Language has been excluded in most architectural education programs, however it offers a look into people’s designed environment. Alexander takes a factual stance on his findings and denotes that his patterns help create a utopian-like society, which he sees fit. A Pattern Language is not a book that should be …show more content…

Alexander dictates his book like it is a rule book. He offers a prescriptive tone to his words, pitching that this is how the world works. Researching into Christopher Alexander’s career, according to Witold Rybczynski -- an architect, professor, and writer, Alexander shows a well-educated background. He received a scholarship from Cambridge and earned a Ph.D. in Architecture from Harvard, Ibid. Alexander, before he was thirty, was awarded achievements and publishing books, yet his tone within Pattern Language is distinctly biased, Ibid. In a critique of the book, written by William Saunders and published by the Harvard Design Magazine, Saunders points out this prejudice as well. Saunders labels the Pattern Language writings as an attempt to “repair the world.” Additionally, Pattern Language prescribes all these solutions yet offers no solutions to the problems that would expand from implementing the designs. When looking at requiring a book to Environmental Design students, it must be considered how students perceive the book. Students should indulge in inspiration and skepticism, but sometimes inspiration comes before in a young mind. The way Alexander presents his findings in Pattern Language are in a for-sure manner that it becomes difficult to dislocate fact from fiction even reading the book in a critical manner. Looking at Saunders assessment, it is even noted that he cannot completely dismiss the

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