Analysis Of Staples Inc.'s E-Business Strategy

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As mentioned in the mini assignment, this paper will focus on analyzing and understanding Staples Inc.’s e-business strategy. Staples Inc. is a large office product chain company operating 1780 stores worldwide, serving individual customers and businesses. Their product line includes office supplies, furniture, business services and technology (Staples Corporate Responsibility Report, 2005). This company has thrived through the years to maintain high product and service standards and also managed to create a huge online presence by crossing the $10billion in online sales threshold (Dragan, January 2013).

WWite e-business Framework tackles the analytical information management and governance structure of e-business information. It gives businesses the capabilities to acknowledge their online situation, perceive their future e-business strategy and then combine that strategy with specific IT governance and information management principles (Llyod, September 2011).
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Secondly, this report will discuss the technical, logistical and organizational competencies of the company and compare them against current economic and technology trends. Finally, the report will provide a proposed e-business

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