An Introduction To An E Enterprise Operation

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An Enterprise is a firm or a business organisation that engage in an systematic economic activity to satisfy the demand of the people, specially focussed towards profit in obedience to the law. An enterprise system is an overall combination of hardware and software, which a business uses to run its activities.1 An E-enterprise is an adaptable inclusive enterprise that is coordinated by system, which makes simultaneous reaction to environment change, customer demand and aggressive situations. An e-enterprise operation is to integrate the resources internally and externally of an organization using advanced technology to optimize resources and improve efficiency.2 The Internet has created a platform for online selling and buying of goods and services. Business firm is also called e-enterprise or digital firm, as most of the business organization are using internet and wireless network for improving their performance in terms of cost, efficiency and profitability with the use of e-business and e-commerce solutions to reach worldwide audience to sell their products and services. The business process across the organization and outside run on an e-technology platform using digital technology. In a e-enterprise business conducted electronically. These enabling capabilities of technology constitute to e-business, e-commerce, e-communication and e-collaboration that work in an e-enterprise.3 E-Business An e-business system is limited to executing the core business process of an

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