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Robert Christian
History 106
Matthew Bailey
17 November 2016
Civil Rights Movement
The Civil Rights movement, which picks up steam in the late 1950s through the 1960s, finally works to give African Americans the most complete set of abilities and rights since the founding of the New World. The fight to achieve such rights, while still encountering discrimination and racism after the fact, is a long and hard fought journey. Different parts of the United States deal with the issue of discrimination in their own way. Regional differences based on the darkness of one’s skin to the occupation that an African American or their parents have influences the levels of discrimination levied upon them in the areas in which they live. The stories of Anne Moody, who writes Coming of Age in Mississippi, and Malcolm X, who narrates The Autobiography of Malcolm X, share similarities in that they both undoubtedly face uphill battles as a result of an unjust system full of racial prejudice. At the same time, individually the stories of Moody and Malcolm X are incredibly different, with Moody facing the more stereotypical form of discrimination as envisioned in the South, and Malcolm X relocating across the United States several times.

Anne Moody is born and raised in an area considered to be the heart of racial bias in the United States, the Deep South, specifically Mississippi. The enactment of Jim Crowe Laws and other measures to disenfranchise African Americans is a staple of southern

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