Analysis Of The Book ' Big Two Hearted River '

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Ernest Hemmingway’s “Big Two Hearted River: Part 1” tells the story of Nick Adams, a World War 1 veteran. The story began with Nick, who had just gotten back from the war, arriving at Seney, Michigan by train. However, he discovered that a fire had destroyed the town leaving nothing but ashes. Then, we follow him hike in the woods for a camping trip. One possible reason for his trip was that he was trying to recover from his experiences during the war. However, Nick seemed to be at peace and is at one with nature. Based on the Humanistic perspective, I believe that Nick is a self-actualized person. Despite his struggles and sufferings during the war, Nick has met all the needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. According to Maslow, one must …show more content…

It can be defined as the need for companionship, affection, and acceptance from others. Despite his solitary during his camping trip, Nick still had meaningful and relationships with other people. While preparing himself a cup of coffee, he recalled his close friend, Hopkins and the times they had spent together. He remembered the time Hopkins gave him a gun as a farewell gift. It is implied that Hopkins might have died in the war but Nick was still fond of his dear friend. He decided to make himself coffee the exact same way Hopkins would have done to honor his friend. Nick has received companionship and affection from Hopkins, thus making his needs for love and belongingness complete. Moving up the hierarchy, Nick also managed to meet the fourth level of needs, esteem needs. Esteem needs include the need for a sense of mastery and power and a sense of appreciation from others. Nick has met his esteem needs by going on the camping trip. Nick’s sense of mastery and independence can be seen when he went on the trip alone and managed to be independent by doing things on his own without needing any form of assistance. He was shown to be a skilled and creative camper when he built the tent and cooked himself a meal. Nick was also appreciated by his friend, Hopkins when he gave Nick his gun as a gift. Therefore, Nick has met his esteem needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The fifth and the final needs in Maslow’s

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