Analysis Of The Book ' Orange Is The New Black '

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In today’s world, the term “freedom” has become praised and fought for. In America, we hear about it all the time; freedom of speech, freedom of love, freedom of religion. The overall sense of freedom is exhilarating, and people are learning to understand what is important in life. Whether it be a friendship or a relationship, we all need other people to lean on and support us. In the book, Orange is the New Black, (OITNB) by Piper Kerman in 2011, and the musical, Rent, by Johnathon Larson in 1996, both authors use logical and emotional appeals to reveal to their audience the message they are trying to deliver. Even though some people get caught up in their jobs, houses, and other material things, people need people to support them; therefore, friendship allows you to be who you really are, and it helps you through life’s tough situations. Logos is the use of logical appeals to persuade the audience. With deductive and inductive reasoning, logos is an effective and persuasive way to back up a claim and reach the readers. Pathos, on the other hand, is the use of appealing to one’s emotions in order to persuade. The language and tone the author portrays in their works helps to convince their audience and reach them through their emotions.

In the book, OITNB, freedom takes a new toll on the main character, Piper. As she is young and in love, experiencing true freedom for the first time she makes decisions which unfold into many mistakes. She learns the harsh

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