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THE REVIEW I SAID I WASN’T GOING TO WRITE...... .....But thought this such an excellent topic for Ciao that I would voice my opinion on the subject and thus, hopefully, support further such thought provoking suggestions for Ciao Current Debates “BREXIT: WHAT 'S NEXT”? After the last three weeks of political and social turmoil, ===‘what indeed?’=== was my natural response to Ciao’s highly topical question here. As events over the last week have unfolded, I am now of the mind that ‘maybe this won’t all be SO bad after all’. The much swifter than planned departure of David (call me Dave) Cameron and his flailing, divided government can only be a good thing. Whatever you feel about Brexit itself, the sooner the country gets on now with “what’s next”, the better for all of us. Personally speaking, I was never all that keen on Dave anyway. Cheating somewhat in leaving the writing of this piece until AFTER Ms May’s (fortunately not another Margaret, or we would never have heard the back of Rod Stewart) appointment yesterday, clearly the ball of the “what’s next” issue has already been firmly kicked into motion. Three weeks ago, bound for Wroclaw in western Poland, we drove away from our home in Brighton at 3.30am in the midst of the longest thunderstorm that I can ever remember, long in both time and geography, we did not clear it until 9.00am upon reaching R0 – the Brussels orbital motorway, where we drove out from under the dense, black, cloud into bright blue, blazing hot,
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