Analysis Of The Book ' Werther '

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Werther is known by those known to him as very intelligent, wealthy, and passionate. He does not work because he doesn 't need to. He sees himself as an upperclassman but still helps others around him. Werther is engrossed into his studies and works of literature. He finds pleasure in getting lost in his long novels or poetry. He was a very civil man with little to be unsatisfied about. He seemed to be stable in the beginning but that took a quick turn for the worst. After Werther lost the love of his life, (Leonora) he met a girl Lotte and together they attended a casual dance. He talked with Lotte about beautiful works of literature and famous poets. He was charmed by how similar they seemed to be. Werther seemed to fall into a deep (obsessive) love for her over the course of the story. Lottte however, is already taken by her husband Albert. Werther knows this but still continues to fixate on Lotte. Throughought the story, Werether explains to his good friend, Wilhelm through a series of letters how he can 't stop thinking of Lotte. He has to be with her all the time and at one point sends his servant to her doorstep just so he can be with someone who was close to her. Werther doesn 't understand how Lotte doesn 't see how he should be her husband and not Albert. After a while, Werther realizes he has no chance of being with Lotte because of this impossible love triangle. Later Lotte herself told Werther he couldn 't be with her. One day Werther asks Albert if one day

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