Analysis Of The Chronicle Of Aalborg Commitments

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2.3.2 The Aalborg Commitments
The chronicle of Aalborg Commitments starts from the Aalborg Charter of European Sustainable Cities and Towns towards Sustainability which was signed in 1994 at Aalborg, Denmark (ICLEI, 1994). The Charter is the first European Conference discuss about sustainable urban development. The Charter inspired by the Rio Earth Summit’s Local Agenda 21 in its (Local Agenda 21) urban agenda. The charter had shifted the attention of EU countries to focus on sustainable urban development (ICLEI, 1996).
Ten years later in the year 2004, the Aalborg Commitments were established with 620 local municipalities signed the commitments (ICLEI, 2004). According to International Council for Local Environment (2004), this Aalborg …show more content…

Ten themes highlighted in Aalborg Commitments (Figure 1), involved engaging municipalities and citizens in the vision for sustainability city. This shared long-term vision can be seen through the first commitment of the Aalborg Commitments (ICLEI, 2004). Commitments two refer to implementation of effective management cycle by collaboration with European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign as an agency to evaluate the progress of the city who had signed the Aalborg Commitment towards sustainable city. The third, fourth and tenth commitments are focused on protecting environment (renewable resource, air, water, agriculture, forest) and reducing global problem (ICLEI, 2004). While, commitment five includes the agreement on having strategic role for urban planning and design which include balancing social needs (job, house, good facilities) with environment (ICLEI, 2004). Commitment six committed on having better mobility to reduce impact of gas emitted from transport on the environment and public health (ICLEI, 2004). Commitment seven hints at bringing into account the citizens health by promoting city health development planning (ICLEI, 2004). While, the eighth commitments focus on having sustainable local economy by actively promote sustainable local tourism and encourage local market. Finally, commitment nine secures the good quality of community in terms of safety, security and comfortable life (ICLEI, 2004).


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