Analysis Of The Half-Life Of Facts By Samuel Arbesman

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Does being right mean being right forever? A lot of scientific knowledge from the past that we thought was right has changed. Now with better technology we have a better understanding of things making some scientific knowledge wrong. The articles "The Half-life of facts" by Samuel Arbesman, "The Food Pyramid and Why It Changed" by William Neuman, and the informational essay " The explosion What We Know about Life Forms" by Alan Cochev are proving this conclusion. Throughout the essay the reader will know how Scientific knowledge had changed over time.

It is hard to think something but then it being described in a whole new and different way because of something new people found. Same with every medical student who graduate.In the Article The articles "The Half-life of facts" by Samuel Arbesman it states "Some fields are starting to recognize this. Medicine, for example, has got really good at encouraging its practitioners to stay current. A lot of medical students are taught that everything they learn is going to be obsolete soon after they graduate. There is even a website called “up to date” that constantly updates medical textbooks." They thought that because they graduated everything they know is right. But, things are …show more content…

In this case the food pyramid is changing. In "The Food Pyramid and Why It Changed" by William Neuman, it states "The Obama administration is about to ditch the food pyramid, that symbol of healthy eating for the last two decades. In its place officials are dishing up a simple, plate-shaped symbol, sliced into wedges for the basic food groups and half-filled with fruits and vegetables." This shows how things that have been around for a long time can change. In science anything can change as nothing is a fact in science all of it is just theories. Therefore, nothing can stay the same in science as different and new things pop up

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