Analysis Of The Movie ' Shiloh '

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Shiloh is a short story about a middle aged Kentucky Truck Driver named Leroy Moffitt , his wife Norma Jean, and his mother in law Mabel Beasley. Leroy was recently placed on temporary disability due to injuries being sustained when he jackknifed his tractor trailer on the highway. Leroy and Norma were married at 18 and had a son a few months afterward “Randy” who died from sudden infant death just weeks later, but Norma doesn’t like to talk about it. Leroy now 34 years old was constantly on the road being a truck driver, and has found himself lost, not wanting to be back on the road he sits at home making models or plotting to build a log cabin occasionally smoking a joint. Norma Jean works at a drugstore. Since Leroy’s return she has become irritated with him as she isn’t used to his constant presence. She began working out when Leroy started therapy with the use of weights and pulleys. Now attending adult education classes for body building and composition. Not only does Norma Jean have to put up with her handicapped husband, but it seems like her mother Mable is always checking up on her or giving her unwanted advice. Mable frequently brings up Shiloh saying that Leroy and Norma Jean should take a trip and visit the same places she did so long ago. Mable also catches Norma Jean smoking which causes Norma Jean to break down into tears at one point in the story. Leroy begins to feel that Norma Jean was happier when he was gone. He confides in Mable realizing that she

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