Analysis Of The Movie ' The Romantic Comedy ' Essay

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The romantic comedy, How to Be Single, made its debut to the big screen on February 12 of 2016, raking in over $18,750,000 in the United States and making a gross profit of $48,813,366 as of April 8, 2016 (IMDb, 2016). Given an ‘R’ rating due to an immense amount of sexual content and strong language throughout, the film was also full of many popular celebrities who made up their cast and crew. Some of which include Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson (Alice), Pitch Perfect’s Fat Amy or Rebel Wilson (Robin), Leslie Mann (Meg), Anders Holm (Tom), Alison Brie (Lucy), Nicholas Braun (Josh), and Damon Wayans Jr. (David). Although the film was produced by Drew Barrymore and directed by Christian Ditter, the creator of the overall story is given credit to Liz Tuccillo who wrote and released the book in June 2008 (IMDb, 2016).
Although the film starts off on the right track, primarily revolving around a newly single woman named Alice, who is on a journey of self development after a four-year relationship to her college beau. It quickly diverts its original mission when she moves to the Big Apple and begins to jump from male to male under her new friend, Robin’s influence; the stereotypical party animal who enjoys casual “hook ups” with strangers, obsessive drinking, and drugs. However, Alice is not the only one who forgoes her original journey of personal growth as her sister Meg, a baby doctor, who once accepted the single life and uses IVF treatments to become a mother,

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