Analysis Of The Other Wes Moore

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“There was one other thing that helped us bond quickly: he was one of the few other black kids at my new school” (47). This sentence from Wes Moore’s The Other Wes Moore struck me as odd. Wes thought that the color of their skin made them more compatible. This is not the case in most scenarios. Another quote from the book, “The ring was not exactly flashy, but the shine coming off it told a story: the kid had some money” (57). In most cases, our treatment of others is driven only by what we see at first glance.
If you questioned any high school/college student and asked them what their friends were like, they would often describe how they look or maybe act. They wouldn’t tell you at first chance about their friends personalities or hardships. Yes, of course that is not what some people do when you ask a simple question, but we should try to open our eyes. When we meet people for the first time, we often judge them on appearance first and then their possessions or apparel. Instead, we should take the time to get to know these people instead of judging right away on what see first. “People are so wildly different, and it’s hard to know when genetics or environment or just bad luck is decisive” (179). When it comes to people in general, you almost never know what they can hold in their hearts or minds. This quote from the book is true because people are completely different and God made them that way. I have met people that I didn’t like at first and then came to understand

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