Analysis Of The Poem ' Sax Impey '

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Sax Impey is a Cornish artist, who works out of the Porthmeor studios overlooking the beach, St Ives. Born in Penzance and trained in Newport, Wales where he studied . The majority of his work is inspired by the sea. Continuing the tradition set in motion by Ben Nicholson, Patrick Heron and other recognized Cornish artists. Alongside Francis Bacon as well. His work is drawn from his own first hand experiences with the ocean and its relentless energy and overwhelming power and its seeming endlessness. Growing up in Penzance Impey was always exposed to views out to sea but a lot of the work is actually inspired by navigating around the world’s oceans during his career delivering yachts around the world for TV yacht delivery, travelling thousands of nautical miles. The particular work of his I have been studying is from his exhibition “Storm” from 2011 at the Millennium Gallery, St.Ives. His work is technically very impressive with his skill of semi photographic representation and carefully calculated compositions.

“What am I doing here? You idiot”.
Interestingly it never before occurred to Impey to make work about the sea. Despite being surrounded by it his entire life. It wasn’t until he was completely immersed by it that he became captivated and inspired to respond to his experience. Particularly this work “Storm” which was inspired by a real life near death experience of being isolated out at sea in unpredictably strong winds whilst attempting to sail from Ireland through

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