Analysis Of Tweens : Ten Going On Sixteen

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In “Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen,” Kay S. Hymowitz points out that in modern society kids mature too early, creating a negative trend called “tween phenomenon”; it occurs when kids become teenagers at a young age and skip preadolescence. According to Hymowitz, the evidence presents a troubling picture of tweens who are too concerned with their looks, are involved in criminal activities, are having sex, are doing drugs, and are consuming alcohol. She provides evidence to exemplify tweendom’s negative influence on both the tweens and the world around them. The author concludes that media, absentee parents, and peers are among the several complex causes of the negative trends of tweens. Although Hymowitz may sound excessively cynical, she states a reasonable case that should be considered by parents, educators, and psychologists. Without a doubt, the three most negative behavioral trends of many tweens are their need for attention, their peer group pressure, and most importantly, their unawareness of the consequences for their irresponsible actions. The first negative trend in tweens is their need for attention because it often results in their becoming wayward. Their search for attention from overworked or inattentive parents, peers, and others on social networks has an adverse influence on their behavior. When tweens experience the lack of attention from parents, they may misbehave in many ways in order to attract the attention they crave. They would seek popularity among

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