Analysis Of Wanderer Above A Sea Of Fog

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With or without knowing it, you are connecting with the artist every time you look at a piece of their artwork. This is the artists goal; to make you feel emotion and share a message. Caspar David Friederich uses his painting to evoke certain emotions in his viewers. Born 1774 in Germany during the Romantic period, Friederich's art shows deep emotion through many techniques. In his painting, "Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog," Friedrich creates a calm, peaceful and reflective mood through his use of light, color, composition, lines, shape and space. All of these artistic technical elements work together to put an emphasis on self-reflection in this painting.
The use of light and color by Friedrich contributed to the calm and peaceful mood which is created. The main source of light in this painting comes from below the man and the rocks he is standing on. There is no visible sun in the sky and it is most likely behind the clouds. The light from below the rock illuminates the air around the man, directing your focus to him and his calm stance. The fact that the main light source from the painting is below him could represent the man's past and how he is reflecting on it while he is standing here looking out at the landscape. There is very little darkness in the painting, and this contributes to the peace of the painting because everything has the same level of light. It shows a sense of evenness and calmness in the landscape. This evenness is also displayed through the colors

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