Analysis Of Xiaolong Qiu's The Red Death Of A Heroine

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In China, the communist party surveys and keep a watchful on residents to ensure the people’s protection and the legitimacy of an unilateral totalitarian government. Since post World War II era, the communist party controlled the area and the citizens politically. Chinese citizens are well aware that their government holds a strong presence in their societal life through institutional factors and socialist values. Some writers choose to use communist ideology as a source of inspiration for writing stories and explaining societal values in specific geographical regions and Xiaolong Qiu is no exception. In The Red Death of a Heroine, Qiu presents Chinese society and government as intertwined through communist political issues and ideology influencing values people in society find important such as the significance of family ties, respecting chain of power, conformity, avoiding displays of public protest, and political discussions. Expressing outrage against China’s governmental laws and developing political ideals outside the state’s approves is dangerous because protesters and members of their families may face severe punishments for disobeying. Often, the punishments are carried out on protestors without the general public being unaware of actions taken by the state. China’s government continue the practice in modern society under Xi Jinping’s administration with less success. Although China’s government is still of suppressing organized protest groups, some rallies became

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