Analysis of Fade To Black by Alex Flinn Essay

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1) The story takes place in Pinedale, Florida. Where a HIV-positive Pinedale High School student named Alejandro Crusan or Alex for short, was attacked while in his car. A witness named Daria Bickell says that she was a student from the same school, name Clinton Cole at the crime scene. In the beginning of the story Clinton is suspected as the person who has commit the crime. He is faced with problems of others. He is questioned by both the police and his family, of where was he when Alex was attacked. But Clinton can’t say where he was because he threw a rock at the Crusan’s house and hurt his sisters best friend. He also called his father when his mother hates when Clinton would do that. Both Alex and Clinton struggle with …show more content…

2) The title of the story is Fade To Black. To “Fade To Black” means to die. The title Fade To Black could symbolize Alex’s HIV situation. It symbolize that he might die due to HIV. He faces the problem mostly mentally. Knowing that he could die any moment in his life. In the story he explains how at night he struggles with not having a tomorrow. The title could also symbolize the ending of the story, it’s a cliffhanger. At the end it ends with Alex about tell Jennifer how he got HIV and hoping it doesn’t matter. The story just fades and it ends. It could also symbolize the points of view of each character. The three Alex, Clinton, and Daria each take turns in telling their point of view. After one of their point of view it “Fades To Black” and goes to anothers point of view. Fade to black can represent the passing of time. 3) The setting of the story takes place in Pinedale, Florida. The time is October 27 and the year is 2008 , the story takes place on monday on October 27 to wednesday. The setting of the story takes place all over Pinedale with Alex and Clinton, but everything in Pinedale. The genre of the story is mostly fiction and drama. The story contains conflicts and emotions that are expressed throughout by each character in their points of view. Alex has a problem of HIV of everyone treating him differently and is expressed to other characters. Clinton is

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