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The prise from parents is very important for children. It makes children's confidence. Mother and father's reactions, words, and opinions affected to their children so much even if it is not good for children. Parents can create first children's idea that would be base idea of children. If parents always against them, they won't have confidence in themselves. Sometimes, children struggle between their opinion and their parents opinion. When children have own opinion that against their parents, they wouldn't be happy, and they lost their original idea. Most of the parents hope their children follow their ideas or opinion. However, sometimes children can't do this, so it would make the conflict of between the parents and their children. A …show more content…

Frances didn’t have a father that mean, when she was children, she listened only her mother’s word. That was made her field of vision be narrow because she only knows her mother’s ideas or opinions. She heard the word “waste” from Ms. Taylor when suggested to Frances join the speech team. Frances thought that the meaning was a negative thing because that was when she heard “waste” from the mother that mean was always, she did something bad or she shouldn’t do this and should do opposite way. However, it wasn’t Ms. Taylor’s meaning, but Frances thought that was bad meaning. She didn’t understand or know other meaning of “waste” because her mother was never used for her. Then she agreed she was “waste” that was her mother’s meaning. She was up set between her mother’s word that was “waste” and her new word that was also “waste”.
Moreover, in this scene, she struggled between her interest and duty that her mother gave to her. She was interested to join speech team, but she needed to go practice for speech competition, it was coming soon. However, the day of the practice was overlapped her Princeton Review that her mother already paid for Frances to go the university of California Berkeley. She was puzzled she go to the practice that was she wanted to do or go to the Princeton Review class that was her mother told her to she must go there. She chose she skipped the review class even if she lied to her mother. Frances knew if she didn’t go the review her mother would

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