Analysis of Tourism Concepts: Questions and Answers

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Analysis of Tourism Concepts Questions a. What is your understanding of the concept of 'critical thinking' and why are these skills important for post-graduate studies in tourism? (250 words) Critical thinking is the quest to find out what assumptions are behind a question or a concept. The method for this examination has been around since Socrates and it also has roots in other ancient philosophies. Critical thinking is essential in any educational discipline because it is the process by which questioning and then learning take place. The case study in the text talks about the way that tourism has been viewed in the past and the way that professionals are starting to think now. In the past, tourism was seen as a one size fits all type of medium for entertainment. However, researchers have begun to realize that not every person wants to have the same tourism experience. The case study relates "based upon taking perspectives of cultural studies, feminism, ethics, post-modernism, power/politics, world making, and mobilities and applying them to tourism." The tourism professional occupies a very diverse world that requires a critical thinker to determine the best destination possibilities for a wide variety of people. Therefore, it is important that post-graduate studies include the findings gleaned from other areas of study to determine how various clients will want to experience their leisure time. Since there are as many destinations and types of activities as there are

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