Analysis of the Development of Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the first robot. In 1950, Alan Turing of Britain publishes, Computer Machinery and Intelligence. This book was proposed to be the birth of artificial intelligence as we know it. The first robot that presents the usage of artificial intelligence was built in 1969. The purpose of this robot was to try out navigation using basic tools such as cameras and bump sensors (Marshall 371). Since then, we have made a million robots way better than this one and we’re going to continue doing so. While the world advances, so is technology. It’s slowly progressing and become better and more reliable. Artificial intelligence is a certain type of technology that is resourceful to our nation. We…show more content…
They use the knowledge they are programmed with to gather the facts they need to work out the problem. From the University of Pittsburg, Jack Meyers and Harry Pople, a physician and a computer scientist respectively, started testing a system called INTERNIST/CADUCEUS. This system will deal only with internal problems that hospitals face everyday. It is also predicted to treat about 80 percent of these problems (Masci). This is one of the many systems that’s been created to deal with specific areas or treatments. There are other devices from Stanford, California State University at San Francisco, and many other collegiate schools from around the world. It is suggested by many of these schools that the machines being created will be used commonly among doctors’ offices, health clinics and hopefully even in space one day (Masci). Lou Robinson, editor of the newsletter Artificial Intelligence Report said, “[an expert system on respiratory and pulmonary problems, PUFF] is doing some very, very complex pulmonary diagnostics and is every bit as good as the best expert in that domain. It is capable of reaching conclusions that not only identify complex diseases, but can also suggest potential medication. … And it’s even running on a small computer” (Masci). This is not only benefitting the medical field but also our basic knowledge on the topic of artificial intelligence. When we think of the military, technology is not the first thing that comes to mind but in
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